Part of my job is to understand the conversations that are happenging in the web development industry and synthesise the sentiment so that the teams in the company I work at can get a quick.

It can take a long time to parse the comment threads and form an opinion about how the discussion went. It turns out that there are tools that can parse the content of page and quickly synthesise the main points of discussion.

This site is the output of that work so that it if you don't have the time to read it all then you can get the gist of what happened.

I lead the Chrome Developer Relations team at Google.

We want people to have the best experience possible on the web without having to install a native app or produce content in a walled garden.

Our team tries to make it easier for developers to build on the web by supporting every Chrome release, creating great content to support developers on web.dev, contributing to MDN, helping to improve browser compatibility, and some of the best developer tools like Lighthouse, Workbox, Squoosh to name just a few.